Unique access to the under-served home rental market.

Inchora’s market leading proposition for the rental sector.

Inchora brings together a combination of solutions for the rental market, through all the stages of home-moving, and ultimately to home-ownership.


Through our unique Sulu technology provided to Letting Agents and to CRMs, our innovative product development tailored to the rental markets, and our first-class customer servicing provided by our concierge centres and our Conect engagement platform, we provide a market leading proposition for the rental sector, the fastest growing component of the UK housing market.


Our platforms focus on creating and delivering best-in-class relevant products and services, provided at the right time, for tenants, home movers and home owners, including dynamic referencing, energy and media, bundled packages, insurance products and health and well-being solutions.


With ‘Generation Rent’ demanding new, more flexible and innovative propositions, we are able to utilise our distribution and product capabilities to respond to these needs quickly and effectively, providing access to a customer segment that has been historically under served.


Our platforms provide our clients with access to new customers. We provide both choice of market as well as our own bespoke products designed and built in conjunction with business partners.


We have a strong proven track record of success, helping us develop and maintain long term partnerships with leading brands such as Sky, Virgin, ScottishPower and HSBC.

Industry acclaimed.


Inchora continues to win public recognition and industry awards from its customers, partners and key stakeholders. We have a strong proven track record of success working in partnership with some of the UK’s leading brands.


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Inchora’s strategy for growth is underpinned by six core pillars.


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What makes Inchora stand out?

Businesses want to work with us because we have:


  • Distribution and technology platforms that can help you to grow your business
  • An innovative approach and proven capability to launch new products
  • A well established, scalable distribution model
  • Strong partner relationships
  • First class customer service