Building a digital marketplace to connect businesses and engage customers

The Inchora Family

Whether buying or renting, for the key moments in a person's life such as moving home, Inchora Home and Inchora Money search whole of market to find the best deals for energy, media, insurance and protection.

Inchora Health provides a unique membership service empowering individuals to take control of their health choices

Inchora Commercial provides business solutions to commercial partners providing products and services to the same markets enabling them to grow their customer base.

At the core of all our business is Inchora Technology providing the platforms and solutions.

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Inchora Commercial Inchora Technology
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Inchora Vision


At Inchora Home our unique SuluSoftware platform for letting and estate agents creates a solution that facilitates much of the process of moving home both for renters and homeowners. This includes energy and media switching solutions, a range of bespoke insurance products and services to landlords.

Inchora Money bridges the protection gap by making protection insurance more easily available to consumers. Our proprietary SuluSoftware solution is available as a platform for mortgage brokers.

Inchora Commercial builds products for business partners enabling them to deliver both value and choice to consumers. Through Inchora Commercial, we also supply business solutions including business energy, as well as running affiliate marketing campaigns.

Inchora Health provides a unique advocacy and navigation service over a membership platform, empowering individuals to take control of their personal health choices with access to personal case managers, discounted testing and diagnostics services.

Our Select programme offers a bespoke customer engagement solution not only across all of our businesses, but also for our business partners.

Inchora Technology builds the software platforms making all this possible, and offers commercial solutions to third parties ranging from SMS to call centres and payment processing.


Our mission is to become the trusted partner of choice for businesses supplying services to property owners and renters at the point of move, and to build products and services that offer real value and choice.


We are building the digital marketplace to connect businesses and engage with customers. Through our Select programme, our goal is to be the leading provider of services to homeowners and renters at the point of move, and to engage with our customers by providing a selection of services bringing savings and adding value.

What we do

Proprietary Software

Inchora Technology has developed bespoke SuluSoftware for businesses operating in the residential and commercial arena. Our unique proprietary SuluSoftware offers seamless integration and provides compliant, innovative and highly relevant solutions. These are designed to create added value and enhance brand reputation with customers.


These solutions are delivered by Inchora Money and Inchora Home. They offer a suite of products that meet genuine needs and deliver real value including whole of market protection insurances and energy and media switching services amongst many others.

Commercial Partnerships

Inchora Commercial use innovative ways to give your customers access to new and innovative products to accelerate your revenue growth. Our offering extends to all aspects of our commercial partners reach and allows them to monetise areas currently thought out of reach and non core. The Inchora way increases revenue from non-core sales in an effective and speedy way using integrated software.

Our Reach

Focusing primarily on the lettings and home-moving markets, we serve customers needs by searching whole of market to find the best deals.

We also serve businesses offering products to the same market, helping them to grow their customer base. Through our Select engagement programme we are able to offer the best deals on our own products as well as those of our business partners.

Our ApproachOur Approach

How we do it


We believe that growth comes from the power to offer innovative solutions and disruptive technology to improve efficiencies across the markets in which we operate. As regulatory frameworks and compliancy requirements increase, innovative solutions are required to keep up with this changing environment.


Our unique proprietary SuluSoftware offers seamless integration and provides compliant, innovative and relevant solutions. Our bespoke solutions have been purpose built to address the specific needs of our own businesses, and have been constructed in a way to facilitate integration with all other platforms.


Our businesses are subject to multiple levels of financial and data protection regulation, and as such our systems have been built to the highest level of compliancy.


Our Select engagement programme offers a bespoke engagement platform with features including a diary and reminder system, a unique budget planner and a secure Vault where we can upload and customers can store the most important documents relevant to any transactions with us or our business partners.

Our ApproachOur Approach


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