Utilising the power of technology to create value for Customers

The Inchora Family

Our two divisions, Inchora Money and Inchora Home, are intrinsically linked and are designed to support the lifecycle of every customer that encounters us.

For the key moments and decisions in a person’s life, Inchora can provide financial protection for the future and services that save time and money.

Supporting these divisions is our Lead generation business, Conectia, providing vital Marketing support to drive performance.

Inchora Family Inchora Money Inchora Home

What we do

Great companies don’t just happen. Over half a million new businesses are created in the UK every year and most of these start-ups will last less than three years.

Inchora has nurtured companies from their earliest days to become leading lights in their sectors. These companies provide superb value and unparalleled customer service utilising industry best practice and cutting edge proprietary technology.

Through our two divisions, Inchora Home & Inchora Money, our mission is to:

  • Create products that meet genuine needs and deliver real value to customers
  • Build and harness technological solutions to better serve our target markets
  • Develop our people, empowering them to continuously delight our customers.

We utilise the power of technology to create value for our consumers.
It’s our business to create value.

How we do it

We believe commercially relevant creative campaigning can transform business growth.

Our experienced team uses data-driven insights and turns them into commercially relevant ideas, maximising both traditional and social channels.

Our ApproachOur Approach