Building a digital marketplace to connect businesses and engage customers

The Inchora Family

For the key moments in a person's life, our two consumer divisions, Inchora Home and Inchora Money search whole of market to find the best deals whilst Inchora Commercial manages all our b2b relationships.

Inchora Home offers a broad range of services to home movers and tenants including utilities and media switching.

Inchora Money offers independent services including Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Income Protection and Mortgage brokerage.

Inchora Commercial offers utility switching services to businesses, builds commercial partnerships and manages our performance marketing business, Conectia.

Inchora Family Inchora Money Inchora Commercial Inchora Home

Inchora Vision


Through our unique software platforms, Inchora provides b2b solutions to business partners looking to expand their customer base. Through Inchora Home we supply consumer products and services to property owners and renters. Through Inchora Money, we supply protection insurances to mortgage holders and families, and through Conectia we supply a wide range of other products and services for commercial partners.

Our vision for Inchora Home is to develop SULU Software to become the operating platform of choice for letting agents, effectively creating the marketplace that brings businesses and consumers together at the key point where homeowners or renters are moving home.

Our vision for Inchora Money is to bridge the protection gap by making protection insurance more easily available to a wider group of consumers. We will expand our SULU Software to offer a proprietary platform for mortgage brokers.

Our vision for Inchora Commercial is to build a “best in class” suite of products in utilities, insurances and to offer additional services for our commercial partners that deliver both value and choice to consumers.


Our mission is to become the trusted partner of choice for businesses supplying services to property owners and renters at the point of move, to make a measurable contribution to reducing the protection gap and to build products and services that offer real value and choice.


Growth is what we are all about. We are building the digital marketplace to connect businesses and engage with customers. Each month as we introduce our software platforms to increasing numbers of users, Inchora Home continues to increase its market share of renters and homemovers. We also work with our business partners to introduce new products so that we can continue to expand our combined product offering. We are building on this to introduce commercial solutions to businesses. Inchora Money is consolidating its leading position, continuing to build value and market share by offering whole of market solutions in the protection and mortgage markets. Inchora Commercial has a focus on building its commercial partnerships as we expand our performance marketing network and build our commercial energy business.

What we do

Proprietary Software

Inchora has developed bespoke SULU software for businesses operating in the residential and commercial arena. Our unique proprietary SULU software offers seamless integration and provides compliant, innovative and highly relevant solutions. These are designed to create added value and enhance brand reputation with their customers.


These solutions are delivered by Inchora Money and Inchora Home. They offer a suite of products that meet genuine needs and deliver real value including whole of market protection insurances and energy and media switching services amongst many others.

Commercial Partnerships

Inchora Commercial use innovative ways to give your customers access to new and innovative products to accelerate your revenue growth. Our offering extends to all aspects of our commercial partners reach and allows them to monetise areas currently thought out of reach and non core. The Inchora way increases revenue from non-core sales in an effective and speedy way using integrated software.

Our Reach

Last year we provided services to nearly 700,000 households. Our combined reach together with our commercial partners is over 1 million households and growing.

We use a combination of software, our unique product suite and data-driven insights to build relationships and an understanding of our customers needs on an unparalleled level.

Our ApproachOur Approach

How we do it

Through our technology we transform the growth of the businesses we work with.

  • Nearly 700,000 new customer contacts
  • 420,000 individual product sales
  • Over £1bn of protection cover on risk for 17,000 customers
  • Energy Savings of over £4.1m for 19,000 customers saving an average of £221 per year
  • Over 10,000 customers signed up to a better broadband/media package
  • 1500 Letting Agents use our services
  • 75 Councils use our services
  • 100 High Street Partners
  • 1000 different sales campaigns
  • 226 million emails sent
  • 6 million SMS sent
  • 4.7 million Facebook likes
  • 1000 new posts to our social media platforms
  • 12m pieces of data cleaned per year
  • 40% reduction in paper reminders as a result of using sms
  • £500 saving for every 1000 SMS sent
  • Average response time – 1hr 50 mins against 5 days for letter

Our ApproachOur Approach