Tenant Shop to simplify the energy switching process for Landlords and Tenants with ScottishPower


  • Tenant Shop to offer letting agents, landlords and tenants a bespoke void space solution by partnering with Big Six utility ScottishPower
  • The proposition is designed to help landlords manage their energy needs, with up to 45 days of no standing charge during the void period
  • Tenants will also receive help in choosing the best available ScottishPower tariff to meet their needs.


Tenant Shop, part of the Inchora Group, is introducing a new hassle-free way for letting agents to manage the energy in the properties for which they are responsible. Through a partnership with  ScottishPower, it is focussed on making it as easy as possible for letting agents to manage the moving in or out of void properties on behalf of their landlords and tenants.


Landlords can relax knowing that Tenant Shop will work with their letting agent to manage the energy supplied by ScottishPower in their property. They’ll also benefit from a bespoke ‘Energy for Landlords’ tariff* designed to help minimise costs, including up to 45 days no standing charge when the property is vacant so that landlords will only pay for the energy that they use during that time.


Tenants can focus on settling into their new property, knowing that Tenant Shop will work closely with letting agents on behalf of ScottishPower to set up their new energy account when they first move in. They’ll also receive help in choosing the best available tariff and payment option.

Inchora is a leading provider of home, financial protection and health products and services to businesses. Inchora works with organisations to expand their distribution, product set and customer reach. Tenant Shop helped over 22,000 tenants save money in 2017 and have been partnering with letting agents and helping tenants for over ten years.


Gillian Noble, Sales Director at ScottishPower, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Tenant Shop to offer letting agents an efficient and simple energy management system. Tenant Shop’s excellent reputation and its strong relationships with letting agents makes them the ideal partner to help us deliver our commitment to making energy management easier for landlords and tenants across the UK.”


Glenn Seddington, Chief Sales Officer of Inchora Group said: “By choosing ScottishPower as our energy provider we are able to offer our agents, their landlords and tenants not only the most appropriate tariff for their needs but also a company  set to become the first large energy company in the UK to produce 100% green electricity. Landlords can now easily manage energy bills between tenancies and minimise cost. We know that for landlords and tenants setting up accounts with energy providers can be an administrative headache. For landlords it can cost them more than just time, particularly if properties are unoccupied for several weeks between tenancies, or prior tenants haven’t settled their final bills. This partnership will provide the perfect solution to these issues in the private rental sector.”