Our History

  • Inchora was founded in 2014, although some of our businesses go back to 2011 with many different backgrounds and skill sets
  • Initially our plan was built on the concept of big data, cross-selling products to one enlarged customer base, and our focus moved towards building the software platforms to make this possible, which inspired our concept of the digital marketplace
  • While we were investing in our platforms and developing our proprietary software solutions, we also began to develop and invest in our own products and services, running a number of start-up ideas which are only now starting to come to fruition
  • Through this phase of our development, we created a number of separate product divisions, namely, Home, Money, Health, Commercial and Technology each building its own new products
  • Throughout our development we have always sought to build by adding core partners to bring a depth and breadth of products and services
  • It soon became clear that our businesses working together represented a significant opportunity to fill the under-served gap in the market for an innovative, agile focused business serving the Rental market
  • In 2018, we began the process of creating ONE Inchora, with our businesses working much more closely together to provide joint solutions for our business partners and clients
  • Today, Inchora is one business fully aligned on the Rental market with multiple products and services.