Tenant Shop Launch New Websites

Welcome to Tenant Shop’s new tenant facing website which launched on 24th March 2016.

This is the first of two new websites launched by Tenant Shop and focuses on the tenant audience. The second website will focus on the letting agent audience and will be launched in early April 2016.

Why have Tenant Shop created two new websites for tenants and letting agents?

The reasons for this are simple. Tenant Shop wish to improve overall customer experience by refining their audience messaging. But why do they need to do this?

Tenants and letting agents understandably have different requirements and Tenant Shop want to make their company benefits as clear as possible by focusing on two separate audiences. The new website launches are also well timed to coincide with Inchora’s company-wide 2016 re-brand.

Introducing the tenant facing website!

The tenant facing website contains information on what services and benefits tenants can expect from the award winning utility management company. Tenants are now able to contact the company direct so no longer need to go through their letting agent. With a great fresh blue colour scheme and a dynamic new design, other new features include:

  • Services – A run-down of the energy, broadband, TV, contents and gadget insurance comparison service.
  • Meet the Team – Find out more about the Tenant Shop team.
  • About us – Discover more about Tenant Shop and the Inchora family.
  • FAQs – Tenant Shop hope to answer any common tenant queries on their FAQs page.

Visit the new Tenant Shop website now and take a look for yourself:


What about the agent website?

Letting agents use Tenant Shop’s utility management software which has continued to evolve in the past year. So much so, the latest version, SULU, now requires its own website and is due to launch at the beginning of April 2016. Further announcements will be issued when this site is launched.

If you have any further queries or feedback regarding the new Tenant Shop websites, please contact Steve Ranger on 01252 912166 today.