Postee – Fantastic results for Rugby BC Council Tax pre-reminder SMS campaign

Benefits to Rugby Borough Council:

Rugby has benefited in three ways from this exercise.

  • Council Tax has been collected more promptly than under the previous reminder
  • Administration process – the number of printed and posted reminders has been reduced so generating a cashable saving
  • Customer service has improved as illustrated by the customer comment below.

Rugby Borough Council are delighted with the results of this first SMS campaign and so it would seem are it’s residents, one of whom called the contact centre to express how pleased they were to have received a text reminder and ‘what a great idea‘ as they had completely forgotten all about the payment, they then paid the whole year in full!

We are really pleased with the immediate impact this solution has provided.  Not only does it allow us to communicate with our residents faster and in a way that suits many people better, but it will also help us drive down costs over time.  We are already planning our next batch of messages

Richard Moore – Senior Revenues Officer

Not only did the results far exceed expectations it also saved a great deal of time to generate and deploy.