Inchora rebrands Aspect Web Media to Conectia

Inchora announced the rebrand of Aspect Web Media Ltd to Conectia Ltd on 1st September 2015.

As one of the country’s fastest growing companies, Inchora has built its model on a simple concept. We bring together exciting businesses and motivated entrepreneurs and the combined strength of the whole creates a formidable market presence, building opportunities for all.

Inchora believes that the use of modern communications technology together with the right use of data represents the single biggest disruptive opportunity to challenge traditional business models. Utilising the strength of the group and the highly talented and motivated people within it presents significant opportunities for the entrepreneurial spirit to thrive

 Steve Whatley, Group Chief Executive of Inchora comments:-

Conectia is a critical component of the Inchora family of companies, representing the commitment to the Inchora belief in people and business excellence. Conectia is already a major player in the performance marketing sector and it moves from strength to strength. The ability of Inchora to accelerate this was a key reason Inchora was formed and Conectia is proof our model works well, hugely benefiting the companies and people in Conectia, Inchora and our respective clients.

Martin Chapman, Managing Director of Conectia and Director of Performance Marketing Inchora comments:-

I am delighted to be part of the launch of Conectia. This is a momentous occasion for Inchora as it formally signals the launch of the combined power of Inchora’s performance marketing assets. Guided by Inchora, we have a real appetite for growth. Our new brand name using ‘connect’ as inspiration demonstrates the networked environment we now find ourselves in.

Conectia offers a comprehensive and unique range of performance marketing services to our extensive network of premium brand clients, helping clients maximise their lead generation requirements. We do this with a complete above and below the line marketing support service that includes a highly focused and specialist affiliate network, one of the largest social media networks in the UK, SMS capability, our own in-house TV production company as well as a unique range of bespoke websites. This unique combination in Conectia perfectly connects the customer to ROI like never before.

For more information about Conectia please visit their new website today.