Inchora appoints new Board member

Inchora appoints new Board member

Inchora welcomes Amy-Beth Stevens to the Board.

Amy-Beth joins the Board under her existing role as Chief of Staff. She leads the way on HR, communications, and marketing, plus admin and facilities for the Group.


Well and truly cemented in to the infrastructure…


“When I first interviewed Amy-Beth for the role as an executive assistant, we both agreed that this was a stepping stone to a formal executive role within Inchora. She’s always dedicated and passionate about her work, and over the years has developed into a well-rounded officer of the company. This culminated last year into the Chief Of Staff Role. Although perceived as an American type title it is a unique role in the diverse portfolio of investments. The step into the director seat is testament to her work ethic and the ability to get things done. This formal recognition was via a crafted pathway of learning and application of key skills. I am pleased to say she handled every task with enthusiasm and energy (I may be overplaying enthusiasm)! Her ‘get on and do it’ attitude has shown through in every aspect of her work. The role of Chief of Staff has been well and truly cemented in to the infrastructure by Amy-Beth. Congratulations AB, but of course the real hard work starts now!”   Steve Whatley, CEO


Meet Amy-Beth Stevens, Inchora’s Chief of Staff…

Amy-Beth graduated from University with a Law degree, and decided to go down the commercial route rather than pure law She’s had several differing roles in companies that enabled her to develop her skills in business. Joining Inchora in 2016 as a junior executive, she has, over the years, developed a unique understanding of the Inchora Investments individual holdings, and was perfectly-placed for such a move.

“I am delighted to join the main Board of Inchora. During my time with Inchora I have worked closely with the Executive team and have contributed in several projects across the invested companies. I have gained a valuable insight in to how the machine operates, and I look forward to working with the rest of the Directors to ensure the success and sustainable future of the invested portfolio.”   Amy-Beth Stevens, Chief of Staff

Amy-Beth’s knowledge, experience, commitment and drive has, and will continue to be a great asset to the business and its staff. Amy-Beth will play an integral part in driving the future success of Inchora and its group of companies, pushing us to new heights into 2021 and beyond.