Evolving market, evolving products

Glenn Seddington, Chief Sales Officer at Inchora and Managing Director at Tenant Shop has been featured in an article on Estate Agent Today talking about our products and services ahead of the upcoming Tenant Fees Ban.

We offer agents a range of different services through notifications, dedicated account management, a unique void solution and utility, media and insurance services, including rent protection, which can help agents to weather the storm when June 1 comes around.

Glenn told Estate Agent Today about one of Tenant Shop’s newest partnerships to further help tenants and landlords:

We are delighted to add Reposit to our portfolio. We select our partners very carefully taking great pride in offering our agents best in class solutions. We did a significant amount of due diligence to find the right security deposit alternative and we feel that Reposit offers the best product on the market.
Glenn Seddington
Glenn Seddington

The article delves into how agents can cover their costs and recoup lost revenue. Tenant Shop were featured among other companies who are offering alternative revenue streams and products to agents.

To read the whole article about how agents can cover their costs as the impact from the Tenant Fees Act hits, click here.