Cignpost granted Appointed Representative Status under Albany Park

Cignpost has been awarded official Appointed Representative status of Albany Park by the FCA. This means that Cignpost can take its range of Medical Expenses Insurance products that include Private Diagnostic Insurance and Private Medical Insurance to market.

An Appointed Representative, for those who don’t know, is a firm or person who directs regulated financial activities and acts as an agent for a firm that is directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In other related news, Timothy Dodd, Managing Director of Inchora Health has also been approved as a Control Function One (CF1) by the FCA for Cignpost Insurance. This means that Timothy is responsible for the financial conduct of Cignpost, these are significant milestones and further evidence of the exceptionally high standards of accountability and compliance that Inchora continues to uphold.

Timothy Dodd commented on this and said;

“Both of these milestones are significant and further evidence of the quality of products we have built within a compliant framework. Inchora’s Compliance Team led by Stewart Hinchcliffe have made this happen in record time, so thank you all.”


Timothy Dodd, Managing Director of Inchora Health.