Our Technology Division

Inchora’s award winning technology and software underpins the delivery of our overarching business strategy.

Our technology is developed across a diverse portfolio of sectors (eg Financial Services, Proptech), functionality (eg core CRM systems through to lead generation and online business tools), products (eg Cignpost Life) and platforms – delivering client services, new products and product fulfillment for our business partners and end consumers.

Platforms operate in both a business to business and business to consumer environment and are built to meet the specific requirement of each of our audiences.

Having an established in-house technology team, with significant experience and skill sets has allowed us to tailor and build platforms and software that enhance our business partners success.  Examples of our proprietary technology include:



SULU software – the core platform embedded within letting agents offices that allows them to realise revenue opportunities and offer wider relevant services to their tenants.

CalculateMy Mortgage – a web-based tool that provides mortgage quotes and comparisons for individuals.

Select – a customer engagement platform that allows individuals access to additional relevant products and services and supports them through key life stages and events.